Wednesday, July 18, 2012

In which Anonymus Maximus talks about the Meaning of Words (part 2)

Dear Glee Fandom!
Usually I rant about your vaious -isms and how you all fail as allies and how you are a very toxic environment and how I don't understand why you all seem to hate the source material. Actually, no. I usually talk in too much detail about the show that I am seeing, and silently accepting of the idea that we all watch a different show, because we all filter what we see through our own life experiences. And then I tell my partner that I don't understand the fandom. I only rant when someone ends up being particulary offensive. Today, however, we're talking about a Pet Peeve of mine.
A misconception, a fault, something that is wrong and at times strikes me as willfully ignorant, something that is -really- common in the Glee Fandom.


Dear Glee Fandom.
"Drabble" is a word with a specific meaning. Please stop using it as a synonyme to "ficlet" and "snippet".
A drabble is a story that is exactly 100 words long. Exactly!

I know this is rather inconsequential and really not a very big or important part of all the faults and wrongs with this fandom of ours.


Drabble means 'story of 100 words'.

Remember that!