Monday, August 19, 2013

In which Anonymus Maximus talks about a friends project - the Bad Brains Cookbook

So I made a list the other day, noting down how difficult it can be to make a sandwich. [Hi, everyone, btw! That post has pulled a third of my blogs total traffic at this point in time, and I suspect it is Crown of Weeds' fault!]

Now, I have this friend, Inya. She is a quite remarkable woman, and I care for her deeply. She also makes the most delicious cakes, and is, as she has stated, better than I am at sequencing recipes.

She wants to make The Bad Brains Cookbook. Which I think it awesome. Go and read about it! Now!

And in case you didn't, effectively this:

...hyper-sequenced recipes, an attempt at making a collection of recipes in less than 5, 10 and 20 steps, where getting the ingredient counts as a step.  With visual aids and diagraming, with better instructions than vauge sensory ques, at the very least noting how things are supposed to smell and look and sound and taste and feel when done.

Doesn't that sound absolutely amazing?!
And she wants this to be available for free when done. The thing is, though, that there need to be an interest, and people would have to have use for it.
So go tell her! In the comments or something.
Spread the word, cooking instructions for bad brains by bad brains!

Added October 3: The Bad Brains Cookbook is happening! And this is very exciting! Check it out at!